A Gift to Give Yourself: aerie's Vintage Satin Romper

I cannot tell a lie. In my fantasy life, I lounge around on my gorgeous four-poster bed eating Vosges chocolate and reading fashion magazines while wearing Christian Louboutins and sweet yet saucy lingerie like the aerie Vintage Satin Romper below.

And while calling this a 'great holiday gift idea' feels awkward (I cannot imagine many men read my site and let's face it, it's a bit odd to gift lingerie - even lingerie that crosses the border into loungewear - to a girlfriend), I know that we've ALL operated on the "one for you, one for me" policy at one time or another. So if you're tempted to indulge yourself as well as others this season, snag this silky gem for just $34.50.


Oh - and hey! For 5% back at aerie, don't forget to use Ebates - if you'd like an invitation to join (and a $5 credit!), email me at eye4style (AT) gmail (DOT) com.