Luxe Must: Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

The press materials call Philip B's luxe Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, 'the fountain of youth for hair' - and at $140 for 12 ounces, it damn well better be.

$140.00 by Philip B at Barneys New York

This thick, rich shampoo smells like expensive perfume - heady, warm and powdery, with a hint of musk. The texture and viscosity of the Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo are closer to honey than they are to any shampoo I've tried before, and the formula itself revitalizes strands, making them feel soft, lush, and again, expensive. (Isn't it funny how that word keeps popping up?)

The magic ingredients here are Vitamin B5, nutrient rich botanicals (Philip B. is a paraben and phthalate-free, eco-friendly line) and a complex of L-Amino Acids at high concentrations which fortify and heal damaged strands, leaving hair bright, shiny and...inexplicably bouncy.

I was lucky enough to receive a small sample of this shampoo for review, however, I'm the kind of crazy bitch that WOULD  actually spend $140 for a product that delivers, so don't put it past me to actually purchase Philip B's Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo.

What do you think, is Philip B. too rich for your blood?


Anonymous said...

Phillip B shampoo is way too expensive at $140.00 a pop. I think the product packaging looks expensive, but not so sure if the product is worth more than $45.00 at the most. You could go to the salon cheaper than the $140.00 for the shampoo only.

AllLacqueredUp said...

I'm honestly skeptical. I have a sample to try and am hoping, for the price, my hair looks like Blake Lively's without putting forth any effort. Basically, it's an uphill battle for this shampoo. Though what disappointed me is that for an expensive product, the first ingredient is such a harsh and inexpensive detergent as sodium laureth sulfate.