Olivia Wilde Gets Lucky



Olivia Wilde's alter ego—at least when it comes to fashion—is French: "I find myself constantly pretending I'm a chic Parisian," says the L.A.-based actress (she plays 13 on House).

"I even dream of buying a Balmain jacket (don't we all, Olivia, don't we all?) with really sharp shoulders. If I can pull off that look, I will have succeeded, at least partially, in my quest."

Olivia shares her favorite bargain haunt in the January issue of Lucky, "Coats from H&M are inexpensive and usually have something extra going on—so even with a simple sheath dress, your outfit is still interesting."

To hear more from Olivia or to enter a giveaway to win her cover look worth nearly $1500, click here. The January issue of Lucky – the first-ever GIVEAWAY ISSUE - is on nationwide newsstands December 8.