Perseverance Pays Off: Swarovski's Nirvana Ring

First things first, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or a wonderful Friday, for those of you who don't celebrate!)  Since it's the season for giving, I gifted myself with one of my longtime fashion wishes this week, the Swarovski Nirvana Ring.

While I had been tempted to pay full price ($260) for this baby for months, I just couldn't let myself pull the trigger after seeing it on Gilt months ago for just $95. But at the Swarovski outlet at Woodbury Commons, I found it for a happy medium - $118.

As you can see below, I snagged the clear Swarovski crystal version, set in sterling silver. This ring is bold and so, so glittery in the light. It's perfect for making a statement regardless of what you pair it with (seen here with Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter.) It's available in an assortment of colors, including Black Diamond, which is just stunning, and a bold new Emerald.

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Anonymous said...

Hi... agreed, ive been eyeing these up for months, but couldnt justify the £120. Finally I found one for £58 on Aso, red or pink only, and also at Ascot an Asos rep took a photograph of my hat and gave me a 10% off card . So final price I paid was £52.00 (approx $80.00)

I opted for the red... dont they just look fabulous !!

Anonymous said...

please anonymous
can you tell me that page, or send the link.