Victoria's Secret Knocks Off Hanky Panky

Does that sweet and simple lace thong above look just a wee bit familiar? If you're a Hanky Panky addict as I am, then I'm sure it does. But this is actually the newest panty from Victoria's Secret, the Lacie. This no-show stretch lace thong seems to be cut from the same cloth as Hanky Panky in more ways than one.

While I'm normally averse to knockoffs of my favorite brands, I gave the Lacie a test drive today. And as much as it pains me to admit it, it's virtually indistinguishable from the Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong in terms of comfort and style. If anything, it runs a tiny bit larger (one size fits all will probably fit a size 4-10 best) and it's also quite a bit less expensive. Hanky Panky thongs ring in at $18/each (and they're tough to find for much less, even at the sample sale) while the Victoria's Secret version is on sale now for 3/$30. They have some really fun colorways and prints available (37 to be exact!) and despite the fact that I easily have 75+ pairs of skivvies, I'm tempted to order a few!

What do you think? Are you loyal to Hanky Panky or will the Victoria's Secret Lacie turn your head?

FTC Disclosure: The Victoria's Secret Lacie was received as press gift.


Anonymous said...

Nooo way.. the VS panties are HUGE on me. I'm pretty small, size 0, and the VS ones are huge and uncomfy. Hanky panky lowrise for me only :)

QLCJamie said...

I've tried both and Hanky Panky is DEFINITELY more comfortable!

Hanky Panky said...

Hi! We’re glad you’re a fan of Hanky Panky thongs. A few months ago, our founder and CEO, Lida Orzeck wrote a blog post discussing why our original one size fits all lace thongs have been the “world’s most comfortable” since 1986, and discusses whether copycat undies are truly a bargain.