New Year, New You? Death by Physique 57

I must admit, I don't take New Year's resolutions too seriously but when my friend Felicia invited Amber and I to join her for a Physique 57 class yesterday, I felt compelled to say yes.  Not only is it a new year and time for a fresh (fit?) start, but THIS is the workout that legends are made of - or at least, you know, Kelly Ripa.

Felicia warned us that this was not a workout for pansies, people. Physique 57 is a fusion of yoga, ballet, pilates and core-conditioning and it literally works almost every muscle in your body, using light weights and your own weight as leverage.

Immediately following the 57-minute class, Amber, Felicia and I celebrated with some Maoz falafel and decided to capture our post-Physique 57 impressions in a video:

If you're intrigued by the Physique 57 workout, visit the site for locations and a class schedule. There's also a relatively new at-home DVD series which has received some RAVE reviews. If at all possible, I do recommend taking at least 2-3 classes at the studio before committing to the DVDs, to ensure that your form is correct.  Either way, you can snag the DVDs here.

Have you tried any new workout classes this year? Leave a comment and share!

p.s. I swear I'm a LITTLE slimmer than the angle in this video would have you believe....


RachelG said...

This is supposed to be a great workout and Kelly Ripa's body is the confirmation...I am a big fan of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds series and have a couple of her other DVD's -"Walk Jog" and "Walk Strong" - both excellent workouts - the Walk Strong uses weights while you move so you are using multiple muscles. I also have a Pilates machine from QVC that I HIGHLY recommend to get in shape fast - it works! Also Denise Austin Yoga is excellent to lose weight fast too...I love working out at home even though I do the elliptical at the gym occasionally...I have all I need at home. Another great DVD set to try is Mari Winsor's Pilates system - this is really efficient and works fast too if you stick with it. All programs WILL work if you stick with them religiously...just watch what you eat. Good luck!!!

Ruth Kallens said...

After just a few sessions with my Mii trainer, I began to see results from the Wii Active game. I know, I know, how can a game bring the player results? Well, the customizable workouts are intense and work all the muscle groups with a variety of exercises. Downhill inline skating works the thighs; boxing works the back and arms, squating, well we all know what squating does. The personal trainer guides you; knows when you're squatting too low; knows when you're really working hard; and provides encouragement at just the right times. Anyways, if you have the Wii, it's worth the $55 investment.