The Nest Effect: Casa di Francesca Home Fragrance

2009 was a year of many changes for me, and one of the most intimidating was my move into a new apartment. After years of living with a roommate (de rigeur in NYC) and later with a boyfriend, it was time for me and me alone to make a home of my own  - and I vowed to make it an adult one. No futon. No furniture that needed assembly. No paper plates.

Admittedly, it's been slow-going. Refurnishing even a one-bedroom apartment is a pricey proposition, so after devoting a few months worth of time, energy and money on my living room, I'm finally ready to turn my attention to the bedroom.

My first purchase for the bedroom was a gorgeous set of '30's inspired mirrored nightstands and once I got them all set up this weekend, I needed a single finishing touch. So, off I went to my candle cabinet (yes, I have a candle cabinet. Don't judge.) and there, I found Casa di Francesca's Deep Lilac Diffuser Set. Included in the set is an Italian glass bottle with a small bow accent, reed sticks and a separate plastic bottle of fragrance oil, which allows you to refresh the diffuser after a few weeks of use.

Though it takes a few hours for the reeds to begin to diffuse scent, when I woke the next morning, my room was gently scented with a beautiful spring-y floral fragrance.

At just $34 - most reed diffusers are quite pricey - this is an affordable indulgence, one that makes a room feel like a refuge.

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FTC Disclosure: Press sample received for review.