Old Man Winter's Got Nothing On Me (Or) Thanks, American Apparel!

As I've mentioned previously, the chubbier I get, the more I appreciate a good legging. And in my book, there's no legging in the world that's superior to American Apparel's Winter Legging.

This thick and plush legging is almost like a ski pant without the disdainful shine. They keep legs toasty warm even in Arctic temps and perhaps best of all, the thick fabric essentially acts as Spanx Jr., keeping all flabby elements of legs, arms and lower tummy tucked in effectively.  Who could ask for more?

I have these babies in both black and charcoal gray, and frankly, that's not enough. I would wear them day and night, if that didn't raise a brow in the office.

Snag your own pair at American Apparel stores or online at American Apparel.


dwj said...

I didn't get into leggings until this fall because I thought I was too curvy, I was so wrong. But I was totally unaware that there were winter leggings?! I must head to American Apparel this weekend! It's still cold in DC!

Violetville said...

while at NYFW i really wanted to go to Uniqlo to try their HeatTeach leggings - have you tried? i don't trust AA for anything - i get their t-shirts home and the threads are already pulling out. plus i'm *really* not into the 'best butt' competition. :I