Things That Make You Say "WTF": The Vajacial


Does your vulva need a little refresher? Stript Wax Bar thinks it might - the Cali spa (oh, the things they do in California...) has introduced the Vajacial™, a four-step “facial” designed specifically to pamper and primp your nether regions.

If you have any common sense at all, I'm sure you're wondering what, exactly, a Vajacial is. I certainly was. Apparently, it's a spa service that's similar to a facial, yet performed, er, down below.


  • The Vajacial starts with the application of an antibacterial body wash and anti-inflammatory, astringent witch hazel to tone.
  • Next, an exfoliating gel with papain, a natural enzyme derived from papaya, is applied to break down dead skin cells. The exfoliation is followed by extractions for any ingrown hairs.
  • Next, depending on your unique vulval needs, one of three masks is applied:  anti-freckle (which features antioxidant-rich algae, vitamins and minerals to help purge skin of impurities and reduce red spots), anti-acne (rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and rose extract to encourage the elimination of toxins and treat breakouts) or calming (which contains chamomile and aloe extracts to calm the skin and reduce redness.)
  • Last, but CERTAINLY not least, a lightening cream with vitamin C, mulberry and licorice extract is applied to help to lighten discolorations.


The Vajacial takes approximately 50 minutes and costs $60. Stript recommends experiencing it a week after a traditional waxing.

What do you think? Does your kitty need a Vajacial?



Kristin Booker said...

omg, where do I start with this HILARIOUS post? first of all, if someone is inspecting me close enough to notice freckles and "imperfections" he/she should have a medical license. second, lightening to the vajajay? we have menstrual periods and give birth. the last thing we need to put our vadges through is bleaching.

if you're down there, consider yourself fortunate that I wax with some frequency. a vajacial is out of the question for me. sorry, my kitty's cool the way she is.

KeriL said...

How uncomfortable would that experience be!?? A bikini wax is bad enough!!