Cheap Thrill: Teddy Charles for Sunsilk

While hairdressers have a reputation for being gay and fabulous, the reality is that many are actually straight and heartbreakingly sexy.

Exhibit A? Teddy Charles, who's newly partnered with Sunsilk® to reformulate and redesign their affordable haircare collection. While this Parisian stylist (yes, he has an entirely devastating accent in addition to looking like THAT) may not be a household name just yet, he IS one of the fashion industry’s most notable and cutting edge hairstylists.

While I had to dash out of last week's intimate launch event in a frenzy (nothing - not even a pack of wild dogs - could keep me from a private performance by Seth Meyers) without even speaking to Teddy (WTF was I THINKING?), I have had a chance to test the new ThermaShine Shampoo and Conditioner.

Designed for hair that's regularly tortured by heat styling (i.e. mine), I'm pleased to report that the products leave my hair feeling soft and healthy - and smelling divine. While Teddy is not included, you can pick them up at and at Walmart stores for about $5 a bottle.

FTC Disclosure: Samples provided for potential review.