Serenity Now: YogaWorks

While I'm not in a serious relationship with yoga, we have had a minor flirtation happening for YEARS now. I've flitted around from studio to studio and style to style, only to discover that I can't really commit to a monogamous relationship; variety is more my bag.

Blessedly, YogaWorks understands me, in all of my complicated glory.  This airy, light and modern multi-city studio offers up a sweet mix of classes from their signature style to Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Mat Pilates and even the Lotte Berk-inspired BarWorks (which I am DYING to compare to Physique 57 and Core Fusion.)

I recently had a chance to host a private class at YogaWorks SoHo with several blogger friends in attendance. Not only was the studio space (above) stunning and immaculate, but the staff was uber-friendly without a hint of pretension. After an invigorating 60 minute class, we left the studio relaxed, refreshed and ready for one heck of a Girl's Night Out.

While yoga works best for me as a once-to-twice a week regime, YogaWorks has enough classes and variety to suit anyone.  Check out their locations and schedules online - and if you're not in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County or Northern California, you can snag YogaWorks DVDs for home workouts. They're affordable at just $30.99 for three and once you've had a few classes in a studio to perfect your form, you can work out in the comfort and convenience of your own living room. Love that!


Kathryn Bowman said...

Wish the yoga studio I go to looked like that. Going to take the picture to the owner.