Cleanse On: Blueprint Cleanse Juice Til Dinner

While cleanses aren't for me (It's not a stretch to say that I LOVE solid food) and the raw food lifestyle is a more of a commitment (of both time and energy) that I'm willing to make, I was recently inspired to try the newest program from Blueprint Cleanse, Juice Til Dinner.

Juice Til Dinner is a hybrid between a classic Blueprint juice cleanse and a raw food diet. The program includes a two course raw food meal, two snacks and four fresh-pressed juices (2 Green, 1 Pineapple Apple Mint and 1 Spicy Lemondade - all delicious!)  per day ($85-$105, depending on location.) It's 100% vegan, gluten free, wheat free and about 95% raw.

I know myself and I can't make it through a full work day without solid food, so I plan to have juice for breakfast and a raw food lunch.

Here's what was delivered to me just moments ago.  Stay tuned for daily updates on my Juice Til Dinner experience via Twitter!