Read This: How to Never Look Fat Again

Style expert Charla Krupp has built a career out of dispensing advice to women of all ages, via magazine editorial and television appearances.  Now, she's introducing a style guide on how to look 10 pounds lighter, 10 years younger, and 10 times sexier every day, all year--in summer, winter, even at the gym. Meet How to Never Look Fat Again.

I had a chance to read an advance copy of the book - and to ask Charla herself a few questions!

Charla, congrats on the book! I loved reading it and I'm curious, what inspired you to write it? Was How to Never Look Fat Again a long time coming?

CK: Fat is always the issue I’ve cared about…not, is this chic? Or, is this cool? But, does it make me look fat?? I think that many women think the same way as me.

The book is full of really USEFUL tips for women.  But of all the advice you dole out, what's the quickest and simplest adjustment that I can make to never look fat again?

CK: Wear the right underwear! That is 50% of looking thinner by tonight.

Shapewear is a recommendation that you make over and over again in How To Never Look Fat Again.  But when I wear shapewear, I feel so UNSEXY.  How can I strike the balance between looking great in my clothing and looking - but more importantly - feeling sexy?

CK: There are two lines from Spanx you should look at: Skinny Britches –12 different colors of lighweight shapewear. So fun and fashion-forward. And, Haute Contour—very sexy shapewear you will not be embarrassed to show.

Flats are "high fat" in your book, which is just devastating to me (I love a chic flat!) What shoes do you recommend for women like me that need stylish but comfortable shoes?

CK: Find a rubber soled kitten heel….I just bought one from Prada Sport.

I'm committed to a no fat wardrobe this Spring. What are the best trends to help me get there?

CK: Dresses, cardigans and nude colored high heel pumps! Stick with solids and forgo the prints….buy yourself a new bra and a great bike short so you look fit not fat whatever you have on. Be good to yourself. You deserve it!!!

While I'm not ready to commit myself to the no fat wardrobe that Charla outlines in the book, I'm you have any no fat wardrobe tips to share? Do tell in the comments and don't forget to snag Charla's new book at a bookstore near you or online at


oldergirlbeauty said...

Standing up straight! Goodness knows that the girls keep me slumping way too much, but I know that if I just stand up straight, it makes a world of difference in making me look a bit leaner. Okay, not so much a "fashion" tip, but it also makes your clothes look better, too. ;)