Reviewed, Approved: Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes

To say that my laziness knows no bounds is, quite frankly, no exaggeration. And that laziness means that, all too often, I slip between the sheets without a thorough face cleansing, wreaking havoc on my skin and leaving my complexion dull and blemished.

Thankfully, Biore's new Makeup Removing Towelettes with green tea make nighttime cleansing a little simpler. These refreshing, oil-free cloths remove the vast majority of my makeup (stubborn waterproof mascara needs some additional love) and leave not a HINT of residue on skin. If you've ever used any other makeup removing towelettes, you'll understand what a bold statement that is.

These days, I follow up with Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil and Dr. Brandt's nearly-amazing Blemishes No More Oil Free Hydrator. And while my skin isn't perfect yet (no product is a miracle-worker, let's get real!), it's definitely making progress in the right direction.

Snag them over at for just $6.49!


Gleenn said...

ha! this laziness sounds very familiar. but in my case i need to defeat it otherwise the oil would cause pimples. but this biocre is also best for quick cleansing in the middle of a very demanding day. :)