Ready for #FastLove? Meet On Speed Dating

After a long-overdue breakup last Spring, I've taken my sweet.ass.time. getting back on the proverbial dating horse. But when I go, I go big, so what better way to get back in the swing of things than via a speed dating adventure with seven girlfriends last Friday night?

Booked via New York City's On Speed Dating, the gals and I hit The Australian, a midtown watering hole that would be utterly unappealing were it not for the delicious foreign bartenders on staff.  Seriously. GIVE IT TO ME.

They were an appropriate appetizer for the main course, as approximately 20 men with accents - think British, French, Russian, Turkish, Jamaican + more! -  were served up as part of our Men with Accents are HOT themed event.

Oh right...did I mention that? On Speed Dating plans and executes a truly...creative mix of events.  Regardless of your dating preference (or dare I say fetish?), there's an event for you, be it "Asian Persuasion", "Fitness Singles", "Italian Stallion" or, er, "HUNG". Most of these seem self-explanatory, so I won't bother explaining.

So, did I find love last week, you're likely wondering? Well, no.  And frankly, speed dating was utterly EXHAUSTING (about halfway through, I literally shouted for a cold compress and a cup of tea). BUT, the collective group agreed, speed dating was also a lot

We were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of attractive, smart and funny men that we met, assembly-line style; though there was more than one dud in the mix (let's just say I've lost ALL desire to visit my homeland after one particularly snooze-worthy three minute encounter.)

While just one of us has a date lined up as of now, I'd definitely speed date again - for entertainment value and to meet men I'd never otherwise encounter in my beauty and fashion-centric little life.

To learn more about On Speed Dating events, visit And tell me - have you ever speed dated?