Things That Make Me Glad I'm Not a Mother: MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats

There are a lot of reasons that I'm glad I'm not a mother. Among them:

  1. My nipples are my own
  2. I enjoy uninterrupted sleep
  3. I still have the option to spend my disposable income on expensive shoes
  4. I never argue with anyone about whether or not they've eaten their vegetables
  5. MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hats


What's that you say? You're with me on #'s 1-4 but 5 is a mystery?  Well, let me illuminate you:

While I'm pro-breastfeeding (what kind of Communist isn't?), the last thing I need is a company positioning irrational giant-sized baby hats as some kind of stylish breast shield. There's one word that I have for that and it begins with F and ends with AIL.

That said, if you think I'm a big hater and would like an enormous Breastfeeding Hat of your very own, visit


oldergirlbeauty said...

These are Thuper Thylish - in fact, I use two of them in the summer instead of sunscreen. Boobie hats FTW!

Kristin Booker said...

I can't get down with shrouding the kid under a giant chapeau just because some people are too prudish to accept the Facts of Life. Mothers have boobs, people. That's one of the attractors that got her the kid in the first place. Let the woman breastfeed in peace. The hat's more offensive than the breastfeeding. Such as.

Anne Houseman said...

Um, no. The kid looks like J-Lo circa 1998.

Jesspgh said...

It's such a bummer people cannot remove their notions of sexuality from breasts because of porn culture, creating a cottage industry for weird products like the above.

amberk said...

This is my fave post of yours EVER. I'm DYING laughing. Reason number 347 I'm glad I'm not a mother. :)

RainaLou said...

LOL D. They need to get more creative with this concept. Instead of a fake hat, how about an Obama mask or a dartboard?