What's in HER Bag? Yuli Ziv of My It Things

Blogger, social media consultant and Style Coalition founder Yuli Ziv is the very definition of a "girl about town," in my eyes. Not only is she perennially polished, she's also gorgeous, funny and wise, to boot. Her site, My It Things, is on my must-read list and every smart fashionista that I know feels the same. So, you can imagine my excitement when Yuli agreed to participate in "What's in HER Bag?"

In her own words, here's what she's toting around in her Isabella Fiore Harlow satchel:

How does your bag compare to Yuli's?


Midtown Girl said...

I was wondering what delish lipcolor darling Yuli wears!! We also chew the same gum, lol ;-) Love this series doll!!

donnaho said...

Great post! Always loved that Isabella Fiore bag :)

Felicia Sullivan said...

Yuli is so pants I can't even contain myself. She is the embodiment of fabulousness.