For the Love of Color: Make Up For Ever

Are you familiar with Make Up For Ever? No? Then march yourself down to your nearest Sephora and whip out your credit card – your makeup routine is about to get really, really fun, and you’re about to get really, really gorgeous.

Innovative, versatile, portable, creative, imaginative…these are all attributes of Make Up For Ever’s exciting new ranges, namely, their HD line.  Based on the notion that makeup displayed in High Definition can look fake and heavy, HD products strive to provide you with flawless coverage, naturally.  The look starts with HD Primer, which is brilliantly tinted to gently cover skin flaws like redness (green tint), blueness/veins (yellow tint), sallowness (pink tint), and dullness (shimmer).  Perfect for any skin color and type, the Primers subtly correct before applying foundation.  I selected green tint; and have been using it daily on and around my nose, over sheer Illamasqua primer, to even out my natural redness.  Truly, it works like a dream – and feels absolutely delicious on my skin. A little will go a very long way (note: a generous bottle is approximately $35 – not a bad deal), and your skin will thank you for it!  Additionally – I haven’t touched concealer since beginning using the Primer.

$30.00 by Make Up For Ever at Sephora

The next step is the wondrous HD Foundation ($40), with it’s light, sheer feel and flawless coverage.  Among an exceptional range of colors, anyone can find their perfect match – just be sure to apply it with short, quick strokes, using a foundation brush.  As I was unwilling to completely abandon my much-loved Bare Minerals powder foundation, I quickly found that it complements the HD Foundation, as a fantastic finishing powder.

To give your cheeks some extra love, spring for the HD Blush, a light, silky crème blush with colors as diverse as the Foundation.  #13 was my favorite: a delicate baby pink, reminiscent of Cargo’s Catalina blush, perfect for a fresh Spring/Summer glow.  Easy to build, you can gently adjust the intensity of  HD Blush color by applying it in easily blended layers.

…and the final innovation from Make Up For Ever?  Ingenious drops of heaven called Flash Color, that may be the most perfect cosmetic product ever invented.  Talk about variety – every color in the rainbow is represented here, and at only $15 apiece, anyone can afford their very own spectrum of creativity, versatility, and self-expression.  Aqua Crème are little pots of silicone-based mineral pigment crème; they’re waterproof, won’t smudge or feather, and are ridiculously easy to apply, correct, and remove.  Like their HD siblings, it’s easy to build and layer color – start sheer, go bold; or blend shades for a custom look.  Use on any part of the face for long-lasting satin color; even use as face/body paint!  Aqua Crème also firmly holds decorative powders, like Make Up Forever’s new Diamond Powder, beautifully. Feeling extra-adventurous?  Try the brand's whimsical false eyelashes – crazy neon colors, patterns, and textures; all sold as individual kits, with adhesive.

For more information, visit Shop the collection at Sephora stores nationwide.

- West Coast Contributor Lalla Robinson