Why I Don't Wear Pleather: Cynthia Vincent for Target

It's not often that I'm tempted by Target's designer collaborations. You see, I've been disappointed too many times in the past - by ill-fitting juniors cuts, poor quality and terrifying, unnatural materials.

But apparel and shoe designer Cynthia Vincent is one of my very favorites (see me in her Luella wedges here) and since I had already added a pair of her black wedges to my Fashion Bucket List (yes, I really have one. It's housed on my iPhone), I decided to place an order from her recent Target collaboration, released last Sunday.

My black wedges arrived yesterday and I was so excited at first glance, I put them on immediately.

The good news? The shoes look AMAZING. Though they're made of manmade materials, the texture makes them look like real leather. They're also markedly comfortable for their height (4+ inches), just as Cynthia Vincent's namesake collection is.

The bad news? Even on a mild, Spring day, my feet could not tolerate being encased in pleather. They felt stifled and sweaty; my skin was irritated in a matter of an hour - a marked difference from a day spent in leather platforms. I can only imagine the blisters these babies will bring on when the heat and humidity really kick in.

While this is a great looking shoe for $30, natural materials are a must in my world. I'll be indulging in another pair of wedges from Cynthia Vincent's signature collection this season.

That said, if pleather's okay in your book, shop Cynthia Vincent for Target online here. While the wedges above are sold out, you can find them on eBay.


Truett Ogden said...

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one with a fashion bucket-list.

This is distressing to me, because a big deal of the ethos behind the brand I want to build is in not using leather. Of course, it's only upon reading this post that I realize I have never worn pleather shoes! Do you think that they'd work if they were, like, lined with something else? I guess I'm not above just "using very little leather" but that really diffuses the idea of it...

P.S. Those are way cute :-O