Cheap Thrill: Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods Brush Set

After meeting countless makeup artists and experimenting with more beauty products than I could count in a lifetime, I'm convinced that a flawless look is all in the tools and the technique. And while it's worth splurging on quality brushes (after all, if you take care of them, they'll last for YEARS), if you don't have to spend a ton, why would you?

A question for the ages, I know. And it's finally been answered by Sonia Kashuk, whose Target-exclusive beauty collection really excels in the brush category, most notably with the new Out of the Woods Brush Set.

Tucked in a borderline chic, reusable cork clutch are 6 high quality brushes, comprised of natural wood and soft synthetic hair (perfect for you animal lovers and veggies in the world!). For under $20, your proverbial application bases are covered, from eyes to cheek to lips. While I still use a mix of brands (including Laura Mercier and M·A·C), I've been using the large blush brush from this collection daily, and thus far, it's holding up beautifully!

Snag yours online for just $19.99.