Meet KIN: For the Facebook Obsessed

Designed for you younguns' who are 'actively navigating your social life' (who isn't, I'm inclined to ask?), the new KIN combines a sweet little user experience with an adorable little package.

Brought to you by Microsoft and Sharp, exclusively on the Verizon Wireless network, KIN pulls from your social networking feeds and favorite sites to bring together the latest info on the people and stuff YOU actually care about, in one place, in real time - the Loop, the KIN's dynamic home interface.

The Loop is admittedly my favorite element of the KIN, but it's also pretty cool that essentially everything on your phone – messages, contacts, photos and videos – is backed up to a private, password-protected Studio that you can access anytime and from any computer.

A devout iPhone user since gen 1, it takes a lot for a mobile device to turn my head. And while I won't be replacing my phone with the KIN just yet, I have greatly enjoyed my test drive.

Learn more about KIN here.

FTC Disclosure: I attended a launch event for KIN and was gifted with a device and one month of service.