First Look: Janet Jackson for Blackglama Fur

Whether you believe fur is FABULOUS or fur is MURDER, one thing is for sure, fur is HERE TO STAY in fashion.

In fact, Blackglama's latest campaign, announced today, features none other than Janet, Miss Jackson, if you're nasty, and asks the question, “What Becomes a Legend Most?” (We're pretty confident that the answer is "Fur.")

Former faces of Blackglama include Sophia Loren, Diana Ross and Audrey Hepburn, so Janet follows in truly ICONIC footsteps.

Print and outdoor ads break in September.

What do you think of Janet Jackson for Blackglama?


Mrs. Carly Goodman said...

Is this site a swill for the fur companies or what? You probably won't publish this comment. Fur has been long out of style. The fur companies pay stars to wear it... It is just that all of us are so surprised that Janet Jackson sold out..

eye4style said...

Hi Mrs. Carly Goodman -I don't often cover fur, so it seems unlikely that this site is a "swill for the fur companies." Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Carly you have obviously not picked up a Vogue Magazine in quite some time. Fur is so in and it's fabulous!!!! I love this campaign. Janet looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

is it a Bear skin... HOw many Bear they kill just to wear this jacket.

Anonymous said...

This is nauseating, i can hardly believe my eyes. I really had the hope people were beyond this sort of explotative cruelty. J J hasn't enough money. I will no longer be her fan. I really wish she would feel as the animals do. Lets flay her!!!!