The Day I Became a Cliché: Miu Miu's Glitter Oxfords

It's hard to recall the exact moment that I became a walking cliché, though I'm pretty sure it was some time ago (and not actually TODAY, though the title of this post says otherwise.) You see, when I love something - a color, a silhouette, a detail -  I really LOVE IT and as such, I tend to buy in multiples.

One of the least practical examples of this obsessive behavior is my unwavering, longstanding love of glittery, sparkling shoes.  From French Sole and J.Crew to Miu Miu and even Swarovski-adorned Havaianas, my closet is FULL of shoes that would do Dorothy justice.

I wasn't planning on caving on glitter again (at least not anytime soon), until I spotted Whitney Port wearing Miu Miu's spectacular Glitter Oxfords. Humiliating, I know. But they were so chic and seemingly effortless, I had to snag a pair of my own for fall.

While I plan to explore some styling options, I immediately envisioned these babies with a distressed boyfriend jean or a dark denim skinny jean with a sharp blazer.

Miu Miu's Glitter Oxfords retail for $570 and are available at Miu Miu stores, though not online. Find a store locator here.


Kristin Booker said...

I LOVE THESE SHOES! It's like a jazzy Wizard of Oz moment. LOVE THEM.

Felicia Sullivan said...

I am speechless, darling. There's no place like home! no place like Miu! xo

Theartofaccessories said...

Oh my! I totally understand why you wouldn't be able to resist! Those are magical.

AlinChris said...

Sorry but I think they are fugly--an 80's look which should have stayed in that decade; like the glitter though

Anonymous said...

omg i want those soooo bad they are sexxi