A Midsummer's Beauty Essential: Bliss Problem Salved

One of the great tragedies in my life - and there have been many - is the perennial thigh chafing that comes from my commitment to cupcakes (and my lack of commitment to pilates.)

Summer only exacerbates the problem, with heat and humidity leading to major discomfort.  But Bliss's clever, little multi-use Problem Salved stick offers comfort and solutions, in a world so often bereft of both.

This emollient balm soothes sunburn, diminishes the discomfort of bug bites, tames pesky flyaways, moisturizes cuticles and perhaps most importantly, prevents chafing (emphasis MINE.)

Try it as on your heels and toes as a blister block or apply Problem Salved to your inner thighs to avoid thigh rub-age and discomfort under breezy summer dresses. It's nothing short of a miracle worker - I keep one tucked in my desk, my purse and my medicine cabinet.

Pick up your own piece of Bliss for just $9.

FTC Disclosure: I received a press sample for potential review.