OOTD: In Retrospect? Not Such a Good Idea.

We all have those items in our closet. The skirt that's too flouncy, the jeans that are too tight, or in this case, the shirt that's too...too.

Too big, too voluminous, too shapeless. You name it and this shirt's it. So, while I still love the summery cotton blouse in theory (so different from reality, no?), I'll be relegating it to sleepwear as of TODAY.

On the bright side, this OOTD did incorporate a new favorite - my Tory Burch Metallic Brushed Denim Leggings.

Made of deliciously soft stretch denim, these jeans boast a careful attention to both wash and details. The silver tuxedo stripe makes a statement, but quietly. I can't wait to do these justice; expect to see them incorporated in another OOTD soon.

Head to toe:


Have you made any fashion mistakes lately? Do share in the comments -it'll make me feel better!


fashion herald said...

Wait, I think I love the shirt on you! But I do this all the time, hate something, post it on the blog, and everyone's like, That's cute! Jeans are amazing.

Fasshonaburu said...

maybe you could belt it? Or get it tailored? It looks so pretty!

Megan Brouck said...

I work for a sleepwear company, and I can honestly tell you that shirt is TOO CUTE to be relegated to sleepwear! As Fasshonaburu said, you could just put a belt on it and it'd be perfect!