A Sweet Treat: Glacé Fruit at Fortnum & Mason

While I have many downfalls, sugar is perhaps highest on the list. Behind shoes. Shoes may actually be number one. But I digress.

Despite my love of sugar, in recent months, I've been doing my best to make more strategic choices about the sugar I do eat and of course, how much of it I'm ingesting.

But all of that went out the window at Fortnum & Mason yesterday.  This quintessentially British department store boasts one of the finest food selections in the free world, and included in that mix are some truly divine sweet treats, like the Glacé Fruit shown above.

Preserved in a sugar syrup and then glazed with syrup in a tradition stemming back to the 14th century, Glacé Fruit (think strawberries, cherries, clementines, kiwi, plums and even star fruit!) is delicious eaten alone or in baked goods (and I must confess, the drunkard in me in dying to try the figs steeped in vodka.) The taste of Glacé Fruit is almost sugar overload  - just a few bites will satiate you - while the unique flavor and mix of textures are a delicious little burst.

While you can purchase Glacé Fruit in other specialty shops, Fortnum & Mason's happens to be the best I've had. If you're in London, stop by their Piccadilly store to purchase.

Photo snapped by Felicia "Is that a Jil Sander?" Sullivan