How To: Shop Small (Online)

While there are plenty of big brands that I love, my heart will always lie with an independent. I live for the discovery process - emerging brands and up and coming boutiques. In short, I firmly believe that for the fashion adventurer (which I fancy myself), there are few things more exciting than shopping small. SO, when I "met" (metaporically speaking, of course), I got a little excited.

Online destination is all about putting local fashion on the international map. The site partners with local, specialty clothing boutiques (you know, the kind that don't sell online!) that inspire global fashion by offering them a solid online platform to sell their wares. Newly launched to us lagging Americans in November 2011, Meinto already boasts a substantial following in Denmark, Sweden and Norway - strong enough validation for me!

Visit the site to shop one-of-a-kind men’s, women’s and children’s collections from the country's best specialty stores , or Like Meinto on Facebook for a chance to score a $1,000 gift card to the site. Looking at some of the amazing boutiques represented on site, I know I could spend that in a heartbeat  - but what can I say? I have a gift!

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