Beauty Black Book: Drybar

As a Leo by birthright, I firmly believe that my power center as a woman is my mane. Despite that fact, I've never been much of a blowout girl. But all that changed recently, when West Coast hair haven Drybar moved in a mere two blocks from my office.

Drybar's a simple place, but I mean that in the best way possible. They don't do cuts, they don't do color, they instead do ONE thing and they do it WELL. At Drybar, they're specialists in the truest sense of the word, delivering blowouts and blowouts alone for just $40 and in about 30 minutes - with a relaxing wash included.

Communication at Drybar is also easy-peasy. Simply choose from a menu of blowout styles named for my slash your favorite cocktails - think the fruity Mai Tai or oh-so-SATC Cosmo and the stylist knows in a snap what you're going for, be it a stick-straight Manhattan or something with more body, texture and sex (for the record, I lean Mai Tai for a nice beachy look.)

Learn more about Drybar, or book an appointment online here.

p.s. Oh, and for the perenially uncharged (I resemble this remark), you'll love the friendly iPhone/iPod charging units located at each Drybar station. Power up!