6 Things to Know About Cartier's Magnificent L'Odyssee

Cartier's WOW-inducing short film L'Odyssee made its small screen debut last night with simultaneous airings during Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife and The Celebrity Apprentice. But THIS GIRL was lucky enough to attend a private premiere at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week, a magical moment that I won't soon forget. Based on the mega buzz that I saw on Twitter last night, I thought I'd take a minute or two to share some fun facts about the film, learned at last week's event:

  • L'Odyssee was produced over the course of two years, with a crew of over 50.
  • The Panther was the obvious choice of heroine (yes, she's a LADY!) being the ultimate symbol of Cartier's expertise since the 1930's. Former creative director Jeanne Touissant was nicknamed La Panthere for her expert eye, sharp allure and consummate excellence - can you imagine? I'd like for my friends to begin work on an equally-as-fabulous nickname as soon as possible, with little to no haste.
  • Just as twins often play a singular baby on film, Cartier's magnificent panther was played by a trio of big cats in L'Odyssee - Cali, Damou and Tiga.
  • Young Chinese designer Yiqung Yin, a graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Arts decoratif in Paris, designed the couture gown seen on supermodel Shalom Harlow in the final scene. Harlow has never before been associated with the Cartier brand.
  • The three High Jewellery creations worn by Harlow total 65+ carats of gems, including a one of a kind Panther bracelet, which has already sold to an American buyer.
  • Directed by Bruno Aveillen, L'Odyssee was filmed in natural locations enhanced by 3D animations.

What are your thoughts on L'Odyssee - piece of art or a clever marketing device? Either way, visit www.odyssee.cartier.fr to learn more.