Life's a Beach: Norma Kamali Mesh Ruched Swimdress

When it comes to my swim style, the mantra has long been GO RETRO or GO HOME. Regardless of my size (and I've wavered between a size 0 and a size 10 - a big diff on a 5'2 frame!), I simply feel the most comfortable and more importantly, the most myself in a glamorous one piece that leaves at least a little to the imagination, a la the Norma Kamali Ruched Swimdress ($350) seen above. Its retro-glam style is ruched for optimum figure flattery and let's not even discuss the impeccable construction - Norma is an utter master when it comes to swim.

I'll pair with cat-eye shades and a fruity cocktail for full effect poolside, but enough about me - tell, what's your swim style?