Wired in Style: Tech Accessories of the Moment

At any given point in time, I have multiple accessories on me, and all too many of them are of the tech variety - think camera, Mac Book Air, iPad and iPhone. And while I love an artfully designed piece of technology, it can be a TRIAL to find tech accessories that are worthy of investment. Here, three of my recent essentials:

I first encountered former Teen Vogue editor Sarah Frances Kuhn's collection of chic yet functional leather and chain camera straps (above) when I traveled to Morocco with stylish gal about town/The Byrne Notice editor Fiona Byrne. Fiona's Canon was elevated from mere camera to ACCESSORY (all caps required) with this simple and accessible (prices range from $55 to $100) addition.  Shop the collection at www.sarahfranceskuhn.com

Now, as a longtime iPhone user, I've pretty much acclimated to a life that is PERENNIALLY UNCHARGED. As such, I'm never found without an iPhone charger and have spares in every location imaginable, from my bathroom to my office. But for iPhone users who desire a life of FREEDOM, a life where they never again have to crawl on the floor of a New Jersey diner looking for an outlet (who, me?), allow me to introduce the MOPHIE Juice Pack Reserve. Tiny (it attaches to your keychain!) and with an affordable price tag to match (just $34.95), you'll never be caught without power again.

GLITTER is among my favorite things in the free world, so Rebecca Minkoff's Starlight iPad case ($195) obviously rounds out the hat trick.  This sparkly, yet sturdy case keeps your iPad SAFE, but much more importantly, it also keeps your iPad SHINY. Cheers to that, my friends.

Tell me, what are your must-have tech accessories of the mo'?