Quitting Smoking is: Freedom

I don't talk a lot about serious things here, if we're being honest. But one health issue that's very close to my heart is SMOKING. It's terrible for your health, and equally as awful for your looks, not to mention how it accelerates the aging process - there's simply nothing good to be said about this nasty habit. So, I'm pleased to share that I've partnered with the New York City Health Department this month on their awareness campaign for the Nicotine Patch and Gum Program - it's a life-saver, and as someone whose mom died of lung cancer, it has significant importance to me, personally.

Help spread the word by visiting the NYC Quits Smoking Facebook page, and apply for no-cost nicotine patch or gum online at www.nycquits.org or via 311 before March 16, 2012.