Boot Camp Meets Pilates: Refine Method Reviewed

I've been feeling a little...stagnant lately, which is probably a conversation for another day. BUT, one of the simplest ways to mix things up is to integrate a new workout class in my rotation - the most recent being Refine Method, founded by former New York City Ballet dancer and fitness pro Brynn Jinnet. With chic, comfortable studios uptown and down (I visited the new Union Square location, which boasts a gorgeous skylight), Refine Method is kind of like what I'd imagine would happen if a Boot Camp mated with a Pilates class...only maybe worse/better. More officially, it's defined as circuit-style Metabolic Resistance Training, which uses a proprietary pulley system and kettlebells in lieu of free weights. You complete each circuit at least twice, with bursts of high-energy cardio interspersed throughout the class.

Pros: Extraordinarily challenging, if that's a pro (it is, it is!) Unlike many boutique fitness studios, Refine Method offers up a strong mix of strengthening exercises, balance work and cardio. Also - for a limited time, you can book a free introductory class.

Cons: Things move quickly, and with intensity at Refine Method, so expect sweat and lots of it. Also, those kettlebells are not kind. I have not lifted something so heavy in months, if not years.

What to Wear:

  • The No Limits Tank from lululemon will make you feel like you're fully equipped for this class, even if you're not.
  • Leggings, full length or capri. I sweated like an animal, and thus would even consider wearing tiny shorts like these.
  • Bare feet or socks, if you're a particularly delicate flower.

To learn more, locate a studio or book online (single classes are $32, with a unique Monthly Rewards Program for those who attend class regularly), visit Refine Method online.