Shop My Closet: Poshmark

While I'm generally an early adopter when it comes to tech (I work in social media, so it's pretty much required of me), it's hard for apps to keep my interest. One of the few exceptions in recent months has been Poshmark, which allows users to buy and sell fashion directly from their iPhone, either via virtual "shopping parties" or by following and shopping the closets of other community members.

The Poshmark process is almost astonishingly easy:

  • Create a simple profile
  • Upload photos from your iPhone or snap pics of what's for sale directly within the application, much like
  • Add a brief description and price your item (Poshmark takes 20% of the sale price, but unlike eBay, shipping is free!)
  • Follow and engage with other users - Poshmark peeps can Like, Comment on or Share Listings, much like Tumblr's Reblog functionality
  • Ship sold items promptly using prepaid USPS shipping labels that sent directly to your inbox
  • Spend your earnings on Poshmark, or withdraw directly - funds are deposited promptly after your package arrives to the buyer

Think of it as an edited, fashion specific e-Bay for your iPhone - pretty sweet, right?

Download Poshmark here, and don't forget to follow my closet - It's already got some fun House of Harlow sunglasses (above), J.Crew ballet flats and more!