In-Jin-eous: JINSoon Launches

Jin Soon Choi is one of those famous-in-the-beauty-industry people that inspires devotion. Her intimate, luxe New York salons (there are three: Upper East Side, West Village and East Village) are the best of the best, so decidedly so that I often run into people like Meredith Melling-Burke, oh no big deal, just the Senior Market Editor of Vogue, there.

One of my favorite things about indulging in a mani or pedi at Jin Soon has always been the incredible, highly democratic polish assortment you'll find - think Avon, Revlon and Sally Hansen, balanced out by a full range of lacquers from, say, Dolce & Gabbana, MAC and NARS (which you never see in a salon otherwise).

But none of that matters anymore, guys. Because Jin has FINALLY launched her own line of nail lacquers, dubbed (appropriately enough) JINSoon. The collection offers a tightly edited assortment of 12 colors, 6 in the Quintessential collection (bottom), and 6 fashion-forward shades in the A La Mode collection (top).

While the Quintessential collection is the capsule nail wardrobe every woman needs, there are some real seasonal stand-outs in the A La Mode collection, including my favorites: Metaphor, a dark woodsy green named by model Guinevere Van Seenus and Auspicious, a dirty gray lavender named by model Jamie Bochert.

With colors this spectacular, discussing the formula almost seems like a footnote, but it shouldn't. JINSoon lacquers are 5-free, ultra-high gloss, unbelievably quick-drying and seemingly bulletproof.

Stay tuned to for more information, and purchase JINSoon at Space NK and Sephora stores for $18/bottle.