In the Shower With Dina

There are those days when my shower provides a fully necessary 10 minutes of reprieve, so in turn, I ask a LOT of the products I stock inside that glass door - namely: efficacy, pleasure and yes, a bit of therapy. These new loves fit the bill:

  • Despite its disdainful name, Caress Endless Kiss Silkening Bodywash ($5.29) is a delight. Creamy and rich, this vanilla and sandalwood scented shower cream produces loads of lather and leaves skin soft and smelling vaguely like a cupcake. Accordingly, those on a diet may wish to tread carefully.
  • While the skin on my face is too sensitive for physical exfoliation, scrubs are one of my very favorite body products, and the scrubbier, the better! Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub ($20) smells sweetly of frozen yuzu, orange oil, and jungle pomelo and fits the bill when it comes to exfoliation - it's thick and lathers up gloriously. I like to smear a generous handful on almost-dry skin, working it in from shoulders to toes for results comparable to a baby's butt.
  • My skin is so tempestuous, I'm often hesitant to try a new cleanser. But there's something I find comforting about POND'S products, perhaps because my mother swore by their Cold Cream. Of course, POND'S has come a long way since then, and recently revealed a new collection of skincare products, my favorite of which is the Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser ($6.49). Enriched with soft white Kaolin clay, a natural mineral known to act like a magnet to gently draw out deep-dwelling impurities, it leaves skin looking and feeling fresh, glowy and supple. 
  • Last but never least is my hair. It's been tough adjusting to life with a bob after having long hair for so long, but Living Proof's No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner ($24 each) have been a major help when it comes to texture. You see, smooth is better when it comes to my cut, and this set keeps both flyaways and frizz under wraps - Jennifer Aniston must be on to something over there.

Is there anything new in your shower these days? Do tell.