Rivet & Sway Wants to Spec You Up

For a girl who wears contacts essentially every day, I've accrued a pretty significant wardrobe of prescription specs in recent months. The newest addition is from chic, new-to-me online shop Rivet & Sway.

Rivet & Sway offers a highly edited selection of glasses for women on site, and perusing the assortment on site is easy, thanks to shop by Color or Face Shape menus. The process itself is super simple - just order a Home Try-On kit of your three fave frames. Shipping was speedy, and I loved the clever packaging of the Try-On Kit, below, not to mention the ability to test drive my top choices in the comfort of my own home.

Once you've made your final decision, simply pack the frames back up in the box they came in and ship back via USPS using the pre-paid postage label included in the original shipment. You can then enter your prescription online, and order your favorites for just $199 each. My pick was the Spitfire in Galapagos Green, a saucy cat eye seen above.

Just one caveat - in order to order prescription specs online, you'll need not only your prescription but also your pupillary distance, which (in many cases) requires a quick trip back into your local eye doctor. When pressed, however (I'm lazy, what can I say), Rivet & Sway customer service suggested I try competitor Warby Parker's online app to measure my PD instead using a webcam and a credit card.

Learn more about Rivet & Sway and shop their collection of stylish glasses here.