Why I Fly: Flywheel, Reviewed

Just between you and I, I should be in therapy. For about a million reasons, none of which warrant a discussion, unless it's a discussion on xojane.com, that is. But until I figure out a way to get myself in the door of a therapist's office, I fly. Flywheel, that is. High energy, high impact spinning at Flywheel's Flatiron studios.

Truth be told, I was a latecomer to spinning. Despite the prompting of friends, cardio and I aren't friends, you see - I lean in the direction of strength training. And my labia, you guys. Seriously, it made my labia hurt, and my ladyparts are really important to me, so that's not cool. But, somehow, inexplicably, 2 or 3 classes in, I was hooked.

I think what's most MAGICAL about spinning is the holistic energy of the class. It's all about the instructor, and his/her energy too - we all have our favorites. Also, the soundtrack matters. In my most recent class, my favorite instructor, Jesse, played Beat It by Michael Jackson, and I almost fully detached from my body in that stationary bike seat. Hard to explain, but true. For some reason - I guess it's the intense amount of energy required - spinning takes me physically out of my HEAD in a way that no barre, pilates or yoga class can. That's a gift.

I'm not an obsessive, but without a minimum of 45 minutes in Flywheel's comfortable, clean studio weekly, I start to feel a little antsy. 90 minutes is preferred, and if those 90 minutes are with Jesse, even better. 

To learn more about Flywheel, or to book your first class ($32 each, packages available), visit this link.