Your Ladyparts Get the Holiday Treatment at Strip: Ministry of Waxing

I had long been curious about Strip: Ministry of Waxing, a specialty hair-removal salon located super-centrally in SoHo. It's a quirky and curious looking place, with cheeky proclamations and imagery front and center - take note of the board above, noting just how many "bushes" have been "pruned" at Strip locations worldwide (the company is headquartered in Singapore, with NYC being its sole US location at the moment.)

What finally pushed me OVER the edge and INTO the salon was word of Strip's all-new, limited edition Gingerbread Wax, created specially for the holiday season. I've got a sweet tooth, you see, and it's not limited to seasonal sweets. Strip's Gingerbread Wax is formulated in much the same way as their signature Berry Chocolate hard wax, but with the sweet scent of Gingerbread. So festive, yes?

Now, whether you're new to waxing or not, it's worth noting the distinction between traditional wax and hard wax, as hard wax is infinitely less painful, and also requires less clean-up than strip waxing. With hard wax, the warm wax is applied to the treatment areas (you decide how bare you want to be - and Strip deals with all body hair removal) and as it quickly hardens, it shrinks around the hair shaft. When the hardened wax is pulled off, it takes pesky hair along with it, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I loved not only the service and warm professionalism at Strip: Ministry of Wax but also the quirky scene (and the cookies. DON'T FORGET THE COOKIES!) Book an appointment for the Gingerbread Wax - it's available from now through December 31st - by calling 212.431.1121. Brazilians begin at $65 for women or $85 for men (sorry, guys!) - for more information, visit Strip: Ministry of Wax here!