Gifts for the Gemini Woman: An Astrological Gift Guide

A Gemini woman is a very special breed indeed, and if you have one in your life, you likely consider yourself very lucky. I myself, happen to be particularly prone to Geminis - several of my very favorite friends fall under the sign of the Twins, so when it came time to compile my Astrological Gift Guide, I felt it necessary to crowdsource a suggestion or two. 

For the Gemini woman on your list this holiday, may I present you with the following options:

  • "As a Gemini, I reserve the right to change my mind about what I'm wearing, sometimes multiple times a day. This Mackage Azur Convertible Jacket ($632)offers ladylike allure (a lady on the streets) for day, then rocker headline-making hotness by night (a freak in the sheets.)" - Guest Gemini Correspondent Kristin Booker of Fashion Style Beauty
  • As hinted at above by Ms. Kristin, choice is key to a Gemini -let them never feel too boxed in. Pixi's Early Bird Kit ($34) is the perfect solution - tucked inside this girly and sweet palette is no fewer than 3 cheek colours, 2 bronzers, 1 face glow, 4 eye base shades, and 16 eye shadow colors. 
  • Playful Gemini is naturally charming, living for fun and few beauty brands epitomize FUN in the way that LUSH does. The Godmother Soap ($6.40) is whimsical and sweet, scented with the girlish fragrance of Snow Fairy. But to balance the duality of Gemini, pair it up with Dirty, a fresh herbal and spearmint-y scent that rings in at $7.95.
  • "As you KNOW, I'm a GEMini, and it's important for me to be able to communicate often and easily. So high on my list is this Ted Baker tablet case for my iPad, complete with gold glitter bow ($70). If there's one thing I like more than communicating, it's gold glitter. SPESH!" - Guest Gemini Correspondent Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie
  • Indecisive, much? Gemini women tend to suffer from ADD at times - that's Attention Deficit Disorder. Thankfully, she'll never be bored with e.l.f.'s chic little Nail Polish Cube. At just $10, it includes 10 bottles of high color, high shimmer, high shine nail lacquers - the perfect solution to your Secret Santa needs.

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