Guest #Capricorn Correspondent: Eileen Dautruche of Miss Whoever You Are

Legacy Perforated Leather Duffle, $398.00 at Coach

I have a long and storied history with the sign of the "good ol' mountain goat," as my friend Eileen Dautruche of Miss Whoever You Are references her sign of Capricorn. For those of you not as blessed with Caps as I am, let me just say that they're a 
hard working (I can't stress this enough) and resourceful bunch, deep thinkers, who sometimes hold their emotions close. That said, a Cap will often surprise you, whether it's with a clever quip or, say, a bold accessory, a la Miss Eileen's holiday wish list item. Without further adieu:

A hard working bag with deep pockets a.k.a the Coach Legacy Duffle ($348+, and available in a color to suite ANYONE). Made with soft leather, this simple bag can hold everything I carry (a lot as a commuter) without making me look sloppy or like a bag lady.

Perfectly chic but also practical, and hard-working as hell - I'd expect no less from a Capricorn!