Guest #Virgo Correspondent: Corey Kindberg of KENTON Magazine

The end of the year is often time to take stock - successes, failings, learnings and the like. One of my key successes of the year was definitely the addition of Mr. Corey Kindberg, Senior Fashion Editor at KENTON Magazine, to my friend roster - Varsity status, as Amber might say. Corey is, in many ways, my very young and equally as gay spirit animal - we may even marry one day - so it's no surprise that he chose something I might ALSO love as his holiday gift suggestion for the Virgo in your life:

Being the Virgo perfectionist that I am, there is nothing I love more than perfect skin. This body scrub from Sabon ($30) will have your skin feeling perfectly smooth and smelling delicious. Not to mention, a Virgo loves a compliment and this will keep them coming! 

Hear, hear, Corey!