Guest #Pisces Correspondent: Jamie Stone of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis

As your typical Pisces woman, I pretty much always have my head in the clouds; but when I saw that Dina needed some gift guide inspiration from the 12th astrological sign in the Zodiac, I knew I had to step in. Here are a few gift options to fulfill the dreams (or weaknesses) of any Pisces woman, because we are:

  • Imaginative: I’ve had my eye on this fish hotel for probably like two years but, just like a true Piscean woman, I can’t seem to commit. Typical. Either way, this fish tank is super chic and perfect for any friend with a small apartment and an affinity for keeping things alive.
  • Compassionate: Speaking of keeping things alive, all Pisceans are extremely compassionate people and genuinely want to help others. I recently found out that a longtime friend has been diagnosed with Leukemia so, right now, donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is on the top of my gift list.
  • Overly Sensitive: It’s true, we’re a sensitive bunch and, to note, we don’t handle rejection very well at all! I bought this for myself and a former colleague (also a Pisces) last year and I actually need another one because the one I have is FULL.
  • Escapists: I don’t know if I really consider this trait a “bad” thing, though probably yes, in certain circumstances. I would gladly escape to the beach/ocean any day of the week but since I can’t do that, I like to stare at these Sergio Rossi suede and Swarovski crystal mermaid ankle boots, that retail for the modest price of $1,670. For those of you on a slightly tighter budget, I think I could potentially also escape with this Sparkle & Pop gift from Jouer Cosmetics. It comes with a party horn (!), cocktail ring, beauty fortune, mini champagne bubbles and one of three deluxe Jouer samples.

More from my girl Jamie over at Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis, including her own killer gift guide suggestions. I'm bookmarking these Pantone ornaments for next year's tree!