Guest #Aries Correspondent: Bren Lee Gomez of OMG, Bren

So, my Holiday Gift Guide, you guys. I had the best intentions (really) and the best THEME (hello...astrology!) but what I didn't have (or at least, haven't yet found) is the most TIME. SO, in the next week or so, I'll do my best to cram in further entries but while I get my 'ish together, here's word from Bren Lee Gomez, one of my fave Twitter friends, PR savant and the voice behind beauty and style blog OMG, Bren. This is what she's wishing for this holiday:

Like any true Aries, I get bored really easily, and I hate it when I see anything I have on someone else. I want to be first, and I want to be the best, and I want to have it before you do. The Urban Decay Vice Palette is the perf gift for someone like me because it's limited edition, so not everyone will have it, and it has TWENTY brand new eyeshadows from the brand. That's at least 20 days before I get bored of it. 

Amen, sister!

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