Really Important Breaking News for Your Wallet: Lulu Guinness Lip Clutches Are Up to 50% Off

There are a few iconic items that I forever have on my fashion bucket list - you know the type. Perennial styles in a collection that rarely to never go on sale. Say, for example, the fun lip clutches in Lulu Guinness' quirky accessories collection.

Now, never say 'never' is a lesson I've learned before and again, and sure enough, select styles of the Lip Clutch are included in the designer's sale at up to 50% off, through the end of January, for the FIRST TIME EVER.

My personal fave is the Red and Black Snakeskin version seen above, now just £206.50 or around $331.  But, if you're more inclined to, say, Swarovski crystal or studs (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE/YOU'RE PROBABLY ME), those are in the mix too. It may not be "practical" - in what world COULD a lips-shaped clutch be practical, I'd ask? - but regardless, it's important to your closet that you shop the selection at or at the Lulu Guinness Store at 394 Bleecker Street (212.367.2120)