Backstage Beauty #NYFW Fall '13: Aveda for Kimberly Ovitz

Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders created the hair look seen today at designer Kimberly Ovitz's Fall '13 show.

The 'assymetric corseted ponytails' channeled the mood of the collection, which was inspired by the human psyche and the inate defenses found in animals and insects. " a shield of armor or an armadillo's shell. The texture is smooth, and finish is shiny, but there is a veil of protection,' said Beenders.

To get the look, make a center part, creating two distinct sections and soak with Aveda Phomollient. Tie each section into a ponytail, securing one near the forehead and the other behind the ear. Anchor each of the ponytails in place with an arm's length of millinary elastic, and then criss-cross the elastic aroudn the ponytail from base to ends. Overlay the ponytails on top of the head, snaking and securing with pins and Aveda Control Force Firm Hair Spray.