How I'm Wired: Dell XPS 10 Tablet

While I'm a pretty dedicated Apple user in my day-to-day, there's one product I've never quite adapted to, and that's the iPad. In fact, I still have a first gen iPad, which I use almost exclusively for just two things - watching movies (in bed or while I'm traveling) and reading (despite the obvious inferiority to the Kindle.) The reason, to me, is clear - I never quite feel like I can actually work from an iPad, regardless of what "working" really means to me at any given day or time - blogging here, or drafting a 50-slide Powerpoint presentation.

Dell's new XPS 10 Tablet sort of answers that question - and answers it quite well. The multi-touch, Windows 8-enabled (I've accepted by now that Windows 8 is unavoidable, and a brief tutorial from a Dell specialist helped greatly) tablet comes with an optional, detachable keyboard dock, essentially making it a convertible notebook computer. It's shipped equipped with the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite of products - Word, Excel and Powerpoint, making it the PERFECT substitute to your laptop for daily, on-the-go use. At 10.1 inches, I can even tuck it into my everyday work bag - a Proenza Schouler PS1, without issue.

My one criticism of the Dell XPS 10 tablet - and it's an important one - is that unlike the iPad, it's wifi-only - meaning, there's no option to upgrade to 4G service. Thankfully, I travel with a NetZero 4G Mobile Hotspot, so the internet is basically my bitch. If you need a similar solution, you can learn more about NetZero products and service packages here.

XPS 10 Tablets begin at $499.99, while those with a convertible keyboard dock start at $679.99. Learn more, here at

While I was gifted an XPS 10 Tablet by Dell, all opinions epxressed in this post are mine and mine alone.