'Fresh + Sexy' Takes on New Meaning

One of my very first jobs, long long ago, was at a PR agency that at the time represented K-Y. And let me tell you, working on a brand like K-Y was the equivalent of trial by FIRE. Few magazines, if any, had pages devoted to sex and relationships at the time, and beauty editors would literally HANG UP on me when I tried to persuade them that a lubricant might belong in their pages. Best of all, the conservative parent company to K-Y (that's Johnson & Johnson, for those keeping score) insisted on marketing the product only to married couples, which further limited creatively what we could do or say as marketers.

But my GOODNESS, how times have changed. Playtex's newest launch, seen above tucked into my Be & D Irina makeup bag, are the Fresh + Sexy intimate wipes, designed to keep you, well, fresh and sexy, pre- and post- sex. For me, the boldest choice by the brand was that they launched the product not only as a 40-wipe tub clearly designed for at-home use, but also the (conveniently-named) "Singles Pack", which includes 20 individually wrapped wipes, perfect for (and I'm quoting them here) "grab-and-go action".

I can imagine conservative types being offended, but I for one, applaud Playtex for being so progressive and pro-sex. You'll find at least one Fresh + Sexy wipe tucked, optimistically, into my makeup bag at all times. A woman can never be too prepared!