Repurchase Worthy: 5 (More) Products I'll Buy Again and Again

It's that time again. Time to take stock of the beauty products that worked, and those that didn't. Of course, what would be the point of spending precious time and energy discussing the worst of the worst? Let's instead focus on what I'm loving, and what will find it's way into my online shopping carts again and again.

  • If a flower could be my spirit animal, my spirit animal would most likely be gardenia. And for those who love gardenia, no scent compares to the exotic Kai. I actually use Kai in many forms, including the Perfume Oil and Room + Linen Spray, but my absolute favorite way to indulge is the Body Buffer ($40) seen above. Sold as a package of two sponges, pre-loaded with a Kai-scented wash, these exfoliating poufs always have a home in my shower.
  • It's hard to imagine one collection of eyeshadow meeting my very extensive eyeshadow needs - after all, every day is an opportunity for a new color or a new finish to complement my mood, outfit, what have you. But Sephora's new collection of Colorful Mono eyeshadows ($13 each) does just that - offering up what feels like ONE MILLION COLORS (okay, there are 80), each in three incredible finishes: matte, metallic shimmer and glitter. Best of all, the color payoff regardless of hue is impeccable, and the easy-blending formula means that even a makeup novice can create a flawless eye. 
  • I am and will remain a sucker for beautiful packaging, so it's no surprise that Space NK's Beautannia line caught my eye. And while every scent in the collection has its appeal, my favorite iteration is the ultra-feminine Bridesmaid Bath & Shower Gel ($40), a generously lathering concoction with notes of honeysuckle and wild bluebell.
  • I know many women who are committed to the cleanliness offered by facial cleansing oils, but until Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil ($32) crossed my desk, sink, I remained unconvinced. Thiss ultra light version (seriously, it's weirdly non-greasy!) combines argan, almond, safflower seed, and grape seed oils to cleanse skin, leaving it free of debris and makeup but never tight or dry. Way to succeed where all others have failed, Josie Maran!
  • My addiction to mouthwash warrants a discussion at best, an intervention at worst. And no mouthwash delivers like the new Scope Dual-Blast ($4.99). Emerald in color (and therefore so on-trend), and minty in flavor, a swish of this before brushing leaves my mouth feeling fresh and so clean, to quote Outkast. I keep one at my desk for pre-dinner/pre-date as well as in the bathroom.

What products are you loving lately?