bliss fuzz-off Gives the Finger to Facial Hair

As a woman of Italian heritage, I'm actually pretty lucky in the facial hair department. As in, I have little to none (AMEN). But even less swarthy girls like me can find something to love in the latest to launch from bliss spa, fuzz-off.

This fresh-smelling hair removal cream (really, there's no pesky smell of burning hair whatsoever!) both applies and removes effortlessly, in large part due to a dual-sided applicator, which is textured on one end to sweep away both the product itself and the hair. In just three to five minutes, even the sturdiest, most determined hair can be whisked away without irritation, thanks to soothing blue daisy in the ingredients list.

If you're in the mood to give facial hair the finger, snag bliss fuzz-off for $24 here.